About us

We provide comprehensive services for companies and institutions in the field of network marketing, webdesign and e-commerce.
Our daily tasks are including effective advertisement campaigns in the network and SEO.We create mark image - logo, marketing materials, social network connections. Services provided by us are based on global standards and supported by many years of experience in Poland and abroad.We care about continuous education and development to make our services more competitive.We analyze, select and optimize technical processes of companies. Technical support - what is the best way how to use the available tools and standards worldwide - also belongs to the wide range of our services.So in order to satisfy and meet needs of each customer we are developing our own software.There is also not well known part of engineering called reverse engineering. This is very interesting area and has really no secrets or specific specializations.

How do we work?

Each project run by us are divided into optimal and clear steps.
The first stage involves the analysis of customer needs. Based on this information we create a functional diagram of the site or web application. The next stage is graphic design and functionality solutions. The project ends in tests, followed by the commissioning into use. If the customer has signed a long-term cooperation agreement, the next step is to constantly updating the service accordingly to the latest technical trends and world standards.